Saturday, 31 October 2009

TV dinner

Eating all three daily meals out can be expensive, time-consuming and unhealthy, so we needed a plan.
This morning, we enjoyed Motel 6’s complimentary coffee in Albany, Oregon before proceeding on to our first ever drive-thru coffee shack experience to get breakfast.
Then, for lunch, we had a sit-down experience: Guadalajara Mexican Family Restaurant in Woodland, Washington, which is apparently near the still active volcano of Mount Helens – we couldn’t see a thing, thanks to the heavy clouds covering everything but the brightest fast food signs.
Dinner, all Daniel’s idea, was the real treat: using the microwave at the Motel 6 on the northern outskirts of Seattle, he prepared frozen macaroni and cheese, and then steamed the squash and broccoli we rescued from the certain demise of our Airstream’s fridge.
I was in charge of condiments and cutlery, which were kindly provided by the neighboring Dairy Queen.

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