Saturday, 31 October 2009

Liability Spring

When Lulu was born, we couldn’t believe how calm, quiet and content she was. To get her to sleep, all you had to do was put her down. Even in utero, she was extremely chilled out.

Over the last few weeks, there has been a dramatic change.

Lest we worry she might be a wallflower, she has honed an un-ignorable raspy, growling cry that rises in pitch and volume when attention is needed.

Her interest in the world around her has gone from silent observation to smash-and-grab: a lightning-like speed in knocking over the hottest, messiest food; gnawing on the least kid-friendly non-food items (plastic, diapers, paper, cables); and banging on our few valuable belongings (laptop, glasses, camera).

And finally, she is returning Sophia’s King Kong-like affections.

We are starting to wonder what’s going to happen when she can sit up on her own – or worse still, crawl.

This might be what other parents of young children meant when they said we were very brave to embark on such a long trip.

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