Saturday, 17 October 2009

Tin Can Tamales

Later the same day, we came across two more inspired people – Reta and Michelle, who sell tamales out of a vintage Spartan trailer in a parking lot in Hurricane, Utah.
Instead of cooking tamales, a traditional corn dough-with-filling snack across much of the Americas, in cornhusks or banana leaves, they steam them in cans – the kind soup or beans come in.
These tamales, which weigh a pound apiece, are delicious, healthy and ingenious.
Daniel had the spicy pork one, Sophia the mild pork one, while I had the veggie one.
We all thought they were amazing, and sat on the curb next to our Airstream devouring our yummy lunch-in-cans with a side of avocado and tomatillo salsa.
We loved the ladies and their business, and enjoyed seeing new uses for a metal trailer.
With California-based investors already behind them, Reta and Michelle are hoping to move to mass production, with the aim of distributing their product wholesale and setting up franchises.
We think they are on to a winner…


  1. Claire and Daniel,
    Trying to test this to see if we can comment.
    Vince and Amy

  2. Claire and Daniel,
    We have been having great fun reading all of the posts and finally couldn't remain out of the loop! You've put on a lot of miles since we've seen you. Hopefully, all the bugs in the tent were left in Iowa. We enjoyed our day with you and your daughters. We've also shared your site with some other family members. Daniel, your painting of the farm was amazing! You are certainly having some adventures-- Yellowstone --- and creating lots of memories together. Wishing you safe travels and warm nights. Vince and Amy