Saturday, 31 October 2009


We have left our Airstream.
Not forever, just for a couple of days.
“It’s like being young, free and single!”, Daniel said, as we left our shiny home in the lot of an RV repairs place in Eugene, Oregon.
We needed to get the bumper looked at, the wheels greased, etc – just a couple of things.
It also made sense to leave the trailer somewhere safe since we had decided to make a quick trip to Canada so Daniel could renew his holiday visa.
So now we are hurtling up the Northwest coast on Interstate 5, getting far more miles to the gallon and able to make many a sharp turn.
It’s kind of like a mini-break, with guilt-free motel stays and more meals out.
The flipside is that we’re spending way more money, we forgot loads of stuff (we had gotten used to having everything with us), we have to rely on roadside food, and well, we miss our cute home.

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