Thursday, 30 July 2009

Leaving London

No, we haven’t left for good, just for eight months. Now that our second baby has arrived and the recession is in full swing, it’s the perfect time to go.

Go where? On a six-month road trip across and around the US. The idea is to buy a car in New York, where I grew up, and pick up a caravan to tow behind it. Ideally, we’ll be supercool nomads, living somewhat simply and enjoying the beauty of America’s landscapes and people.

With two kids, are we crazy? Well, I’m on maternity leave from my job in financial journalism until next April, Daniel’s taking some time out to figure out what’s next for his furniture making business and Sophia doesn’t start big school until September 2010. Lulu’s happy as long as she gets her milk and cuddles.

But maybe we are crazy. We need to live on £50 ($80) a day, which is the income we’re getting from the house, showroom and workshop. We’re betting on Sophia adjusting to life on the road, having taken her away from her extremely active social life on London’s Columbia Road. And hopefully Daniel and I won’t drive each other nuts.

Skippin’ Town will tell the story of a family on the road – what we learn, how we get on, and (hopefully) some funny stories.

The plan is to update the blog about once a week – maybe more if there’s enough to say. If you’re interested, please tune in from time to time. And please, PLEASE try to join us at some point. We are actively encouraging family and friends to join us on the trip and as guest stars in our postings.

Please also send your comments and suggestions, whether it be how to make the blog look nicer, a cheap-n-cheerful recipe, car game, sidetrip idea or even just some gossip from wherever you are.

Wish us luck!