Saturday, 10 October 2009

Superglue: the answer to the healthcare controversy

While at Thermopolis, we met a nice guy named Rex who is able to bypass the healthcare reform debate raging in the US thanks to one surprising household helper: superglue!
Rex slipped and fell one night when sprinting through sleet to jump into the hot pools at RV park Fountain of Youth in Thermopolis, ending up with a pretty bad cut on his foot.
Did he go to the hospital? Hell, no!
“Why am I going to pay $1,000 per stitch when I can just use Superglue?!” he said.
A landscaper taking some time out to travel, Rex swears by the stuff – assuring us incredulous folk that the adhesive not only rebinds skin but also acts as a powerful antiseptic.
Send in some more tips, Rex!!

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