Saturday, 17 October 2009

America, according to Sophia

I want to write a story about our trip on the computer.
I like being on this trip with Daddy, Mommy and Lulu.
So far, my favorite thing on our trip was our time at Grandma Sara and Grandaddy Stephen’s house in New York.
I’ve also liked swimming: in the really huge Lake Michigan with Donovan, in the paddling pool with my American cousins Patrick and Keira, and in the hot pools in Thermopolis, Wyoming.

While we’re driving in the car, I like to play on my Winnie the Pooh computer - spelling words, doing math and singing songs. I also like to play with the paper dolls Grandma Sara gave me and the princess song book. Of course, I also like to play with my little sister Lulu. I hold her hand, check the sun is not shining on her, share my baby doll with her, show her the computer and make sure she has toys to play with.

We also listen to tapes and CDs in the car – Chris sent me a tape with some of my favorite songs and stories. I also like to listen to the Winnie the Pooh stories, songs called playtime and some others called Dream Time.

My new bike is blue, violet, red and white. It’s a bit too big, but I love it. I ride it at campsites.

I think that our Airstream is really cool because it’s shiny and it’s our little house. In it, I help Mommy and Daddy with jobs like sweeping, filling the car with gas, turning the dinette into a bed, hitching up the trailer and making sure Lulu’s OK.

This is some of my favorite food in America: peanuts, hotdogs, lemonade and string cheese.

I’ve learned a lot on this trip – using scissors, how to play the Candy Land board game and how to count on my fingers.

At some of the national parks, I’ve done the Junior Ranger program – answering questions about things I learn and then getting a special badge.

Here I am holding a bearded lizard at Zion National Park.

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  1. Sophia, that was the nicest story i have ever read. Chrisxxxx