Saturday, 16 January 2010

A quiet day in Southern California

When Lisette texted to say that she and Carolyn wouldn’t be able to go on the Beverly Hills celebrity bus tour, we were quietly thankful.

Our social life had been frenetic since the return to LA on December 29.
We liked living like real LA people, commuting 34 miles between our outpost at the RV park in Anaheim and friends much closer to the center (is there a center?), but desperately needed a Quiet Day – no culture, no socializing, no driving.

Kicking back after a pancake breakfast, we settled into another cup of coffee.

The weather being as fantastic as it was, we went for a dip in the pool (open year-round and heated to 85 degrees) opposite our trailer, and then tested the Jacuzzi. We sat back and admired the lines of palm trees, pausing when we discovered that the really tall one behind the Airstream was a very well disguised phone mast.

Sophia watched ‘Tom & Jerry’ on the computer, and Lulu crawled around, energetically pulling herself up at intervals.

The freeway hummed in the not very far distance.

We ate some more, and then Daniel’s brother Tim’s friend Brian came over for a barbeque and told us how amazing and full of opportunity LA is.

After he left and the girls were in bed, Daniel and I watched the nightly fireworks at Disneyland, just over the fence.

I hadn’t worn shoes all day long, life was good.

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