Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Nomi-n-Sophia, BFF

Now that we are really about to leave LA, Sophia’s had to say goodbye to her new BFF.

She has been talking seriously about marrying Nomi, which has both sets of parents very excited. It will most likely be a Korean-British themed wedding, which means lots of kimchi followed by fruitcake. And a good selection of teas.

(Elisa and Eric, you had better book your tickets now!)

Logistics might be an issue, as they live 6,000 miles apart. Sophia is talking about going to school in California, to be closer to Nomi. We just have to work out how to pay for healthcare.

Here is the happy couple, photographed by Nomi’s dad, Joseph Cultice, as part of a portrait series he is compiling.


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  1. Nomi Star looked at the blog and told me, that's a marriage photo!