Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Rockford, Illinois – run for your life

Note to anyone planning to take Business Route 20 from Illinois towards the Iowa border: avoid the west side of Rockford!
Around the tenth time we cursed ourselves for missing the Route 20 ring road, a lady and her daughter pulled up beside us.
“You look like you’re lost – you are on the wrong side of town. Keep driving and don’t stop for anyone”. Kindly, she mentioned which gas stations she did not use for fear of safety, but said it was all right to stop for police officers.
Having thanked her for looking out for us, we drove off, aware that towing an Airstream with a giant bright red truck is anything but inconspicuous.
It was then that we had a good look around us, noticing the falling-down houses and firearms shops.
So off we sped, into the Friday sunset.

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