Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Breakdown and blast-off

The day before our planned departure on September 1st, our newly beloved Yukon broke down. After a brief trip to get Lulu’s vaccinations and buy new shoes (red Pumas for Sophia and silver Birkenstocks for me)., the car just wouldn’t start. Fears of pointless hours and days of planning crossed our minds, and we joked about an even more extended stay with my parents. But we couldn’t even really think about that. We had to get it fixed ASAP.
We were lucky for three reasons: there was a mechanic a block away, my father was able to jump in the car and rescue us and we gained an extra day to pack. Thank goodness it happened so close to home.

Sadly, it did mean that we had to cut Niagara Falls and Toronto from our itinerary. But we’ll go another time.

So, on the morning of September 2, we departed New Rochelle with a packed-to-the-gills red truck.


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