Monday, 1 February 2010

The importance of margaritas

Everyone likes margaritas, and these are quickly becoming our house drink. Barbara’s newfound love of the tequila-based drink may even challenge the hegemony of cold white wine.
Her first contact with margaritas took place at dinner with my parents, when she had a sip of my mother’s cocktail. She was not convinced until about three nights later, when we ordered three margaritas at the neon-lit burrito joint Los Coyotes, in San Francisco’s Mission neighborhood.

Since then, we’ve had margaritas at a Chinese restaurant in a Danish village, at Soo-Hyun and Joseph’s (guava syrup and Trader Joe’s margarita mix being the key ingredients) and finally, Barbara’s own, served in the trailer.

Please send your recipes – we promise to test them!

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