Tuesday, 1 December 2009


We can’t believe it’s December. Not only is my monthly Sagittarius horoscope ready for viewing online, but it’s almost Christmas!

Not that you can really tell here, just inland from California’s Central Coast. It freezes at night (we found ice on our picnic table this morning), but during the day it can get really warm. Yesterday in Atascadero, we actually needed an ice-cold horchata.

Today, Sophia cracked open her (first of two) Advent calendar, and by the time she opens window 18, she’ll be four.

Later this month, we will be cheating on our road trip: flying to New York for two weeks over Christmas, and joining my family for the holidays.

We can’t wait.

My friends Soo-Hyun and Joseph have graciously agreed to keep the Airstream in their driveway and be guest camping bloggers in our absence, starting in two weeks’ time.


  1. Do you know yet where you'll be for your birthday (& Christmas) Claire?