Monday, 9 November 2009

Lulu's half-birthday

Lulu is now six months old.
So we had to have a party.
As soon as we arrived at the KOA in Crescent City, California, we all dressed for dinner: Sophia in her favorite dress (a gift from Cesar), Lulu in a dress given to her by Shelly, Daniel in his black velvet dinner jacket and me in my orange sequin-stripe tunic. And all of us adorned with jewelry and hairclips.
Accompanied by BBC Radio 2 on the computer, we sang and danced, ate penne with broccoli, parmesan and pinenuts, salad with avocado, tomato, albacore tuna, sweet onion and butterbeans, and drank delicious California syrah (lemonade for Sophia).
Lulu had stage 2 organic summer vegetable babyfood from Safeway.
It was fun.


  1. Happy half birthday to Lulu! Liz & Marie xx

  2. Rock on Radio 2, thank goodness for the internet when you're out of the UK :-)